PPC Ads vs. Content Marketing – What’s Better

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Choosing the appropriate marketing strategies shouldn’t be a complicated process or cause you undue stress. Your marketing goals should influence the choice you make. You can always shift strategies later. One of the companies offering PPC is Google through its AdWord’s program

What is Google AdWords?

Google AdWords is online advertising which is the largest and most widely used online advertising network in the world.

Short Difference between PPC and Content Marketing

PPC is a marketing model in which you pay (as the advertiser) a fee every time your ads is clicked while content marketing involves the creation and sharing of content online including but not limited to videos and articles to stimulate the interest of a specific audience in your product and services.

Which is better?

It’s easy to say this or that is the best, but on taking a closer look, you may discover that one will suit or work better for your intended marketing goal.

Let’s start with PPC.

Climb the top easily

This is not the top of a mountain but the top of the SERPs. With PPC, after targeting the right keywords and leaving out negative keywords, you get instant visibility on the SERPs—though at a cost. On the other hand, unlike content marketing, when you stop paying, your visibility and exposure stop.

Favorable and Un-favorable cost

Many people have this idea that with PPC, you’ll always be charged exorbitantly. However, your cost will depend on your industry and search terms. Being skillful at eliminating negative terms will also help you stretch some dollar. To become a pro here, you may want to learn Google AdWords—learning is power.

However, in the long run, the cost may become unbearable, and no guarantee if the traffic you attracted from the campaign will be effective.

On Content Marketing.

You’ll attract More Quality

Unlike PPC, you’ll most likely attract serious buyers willing to drop their lead (email) or make a purchase because they are finding you—this time around—not you “chasing” them, with your money.

But considering it from another angle, to reap the benefits of content marketing takes lots of strategy, effort, twisting and it’s a long road.

Cost Effective

With content marketing, your costs are production centric, but cost is per click in the case of PPC. Even if you stop churning out contents, your preexisting works continues to provide value, which is not the case in PPC. This is so because your content has been indexed by search engines and continues to exist online.

While quality content matters, you’ll need informative, engaging and authoritative content to hook the attention of your audience.

What’s Better?

With the basic but profound analysis, you may realize it’s hard to dump one for the other. If your goal is quick awareness, you can go for PPC. For long term results, content marketing will save you cost and give better results.

The bottom line is you can choose both if you have the cost and knowledge of making the most of the two strategies. You can take a Google AdWords training that will train you for more success.