Six Tips for B2B Paid Search Success

Six Tips for B2B Paid Search Success

If you are working in several paid search engines, you’d like to know and learn how to become a success in generating more sales from your B2B paid searches. No worries, we’ve compiled six essential tips you’ll find useful.

Track, Track and Track

Tracking enables you to group and attribute your leads, customers, and sales back to specific and appropriate campaigns. It’s true you’ll be handling a lot of data owing to the type and amount of content you created. Different contents such as videos, images or articles will require different data handling.

There are several approaches to gathering data the appropriate way. However, your primary aim is to pull out reports detailing leads generated, conversion rates and much more useful information. Google ad solution (AdWords) helps you achieve most of these goals.


To run a top-notch B2B campaign, you’ll have to do some research in the first place and as you grow.

For example, you’re running B2B ads for business in need of hydraulic cylinders. Assuming there are two types—tie-rod and welded-body—but the business deals with welded-body cylinder. You can’t just insert hydraulic cylinders because that will attract unwanted clicks from prospects looking for tie-rod cylinders.

Although research takes time, it will save you some bucks along the way.

Not just the Keywords

Making research isn’t enough. If you’ve ever searched how to learn Google AdWords, you’d have come across different tutorials on how keyword research is cool, but something may also be missing from such information.

Whatever your industry is, customers will be using several variations of keywords. For example, acronym such as “GPR” may get higher search volume than “ground penetrating radar.”

Also, B2B products tend to have model numbers and many users make their searches with this. In essence, look for acronyms, product parts, model numbers and many more to have a feel of what’s most likely to convert. Not just the keywords.

Ad Copy

Your ad copy matters a lot. Ranging from being specific, using call-to-actions and prequalifying customers, you have a lot of work to do.

First, you’d rather not use call-to-actions like “Buy Now” or “Add to Cart” as in the B2C world—though there might be some exceptions depending on the product. Also, be specific about what your intended customer should expect—welded-body cylinders not tie-rod. Got the idea, right? Also, you can prequalify customers by including price ranges.

Audience Targeting

Within your account, you’ve got a lot of targeting options, and you should make the most of it. Modify your bids based on your audience to analyze performance. It enables you to prequalify customers before landing on your website by determining if a specific audience will convert or not.

This prequalification will help bid modifiers and only go directly for traffic that’ll work for you.

Optimizing CR

Not every visitor landing on your website will convert to lead or make a purchase. Some primary reason for this can be the elements on your site. Try changing things around to see what coverts most.

Will image, video or article work better. Also, look for a way to create a better user experience by optimizing your website or landing page to mobile responsive. You may redesign your landing page as well.


Learning and applying what you have learned is essential. You can take AdWords certification program which will help you hone your skill.

For one of the Google courses out there, check this out.

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