The internet has become a sure fire way to succeed in most businesses. One of those such businesses is advertising as it brings in streams of cash as long as you know how to go about it. Internet adverts are paying a whole more than they used to, giving you the opportunity to choose your target audience and surpass your personal target.

With over 60% of internet surfers clicking on Google Adwords when searching for a product, it is little wonder that it has become the most popular advertising platform. There are so many reasons to use Adwords but so many people have little or no knowledge of how to optimize it to reach targeted audience. It is the search network that gives the highest ROI (return On Investment) with less work.

Google AdWords is divided into two networks which have different features and advertising options.

Search Network: Google pages such as, Search result pages, Google Maps, Google’s partner sites that publish text ads are the advertising locations for this network.

Display Network: locations here include, YouTube, Gmail.

Google ranks ads

Google ranks ads using number 1-4. The higher your ad rank, the more clicks your ad attracts. Google ranks ads based on;

  • Bid amount: while a higher amount can get you a high rank, it isn’t a decisive factor.
  • The quality score
  • The context of search
  • Ad Extension

Google Ads quality score

It is a score of 1-10 where 10 is the highest. A high-quality score would reduce the cost of clicks and final acquisition. This score is given based on;

  • Relevancy of ads with search queries
  • Click-through-rate
  • Landing page experience of visitors

Google Adwords Options

There are two options available for setting up your account.

  • Google Ads
  • Google Adwords Express (Google does the work for you)

While the Express service is easier, it has limited features and results and is less favorable than Google ads.

Creating a Google AdWords account

  • Sign up using your Gmail account your website address.
  • Set a budget and select a location according to your area of operation.
  • Select a network of your choice.
  • Choose your keywords and select bids.
  • Create an ad and click on ‘continue’ to run it.


There are two basic types of bidding

  • Automated Bidding: Google does the heavy lifting while you count clicks.
  • Manual Bidding: It is a stressful but necessary process to get better results.

Google Analytics

 Google Analytics is important in search marketing as it helps you track data and generate reports that will be used to compare organic traffic to paid search. You can also use this feature to track how many visitors turned customers, thereby, narrowing down your target audience and saving your money.


Use Google Keyword Planner to research keywords for your ad campaign. The tool shows you the highest search keywords, their bidding prices and monthly searches. Ensure you study each keyword to determine how much value it will add to you ad.